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Hey Love
you say you need someone
to be there for you
to love you all night long

Califonia body

I don´t think you have look more for other
Because I´m right here
and I´m ready
to do all the things your man won´t do

Tell me what kind of man
would treat his woman so cold
treat you like you´re nothing
when you´re worth more than gold
girl do me like a diamond
I love the way you shine
a hundret-million-dollar-tresor
I give the world to make you mine

I pull a string of pearls right in your hand
make love on a beach of jetlike sand
outside in the rain
we can do it all night
I´ll touch all the places here at night
and someone ever knew what you high
nothin´is forbidden when we touch

2x Baby, I wanna do
all the love
the things your man won´t do
I´ll do then for you

I´ll take you out on a night cruise
only jet, just can´t loose
cause we´ve got the luck
to look forward too
One, two, what you gonna do

what good is a diamond nobody can see
I hear you got only look down
But I got to mess the key

I light up all the candles all around
show me to the subway I go down
nothing can be sweeter
than the sound of making love

Baby, when I start I just can´t stop
I wrote it from the bottom to the top
nothing is forbidden when we touch

Chorus: 2x

instrumental part

I light up all the candles......1x
Baby, when I start.........1x

Chorus: 2x

Uhh I got a jumps and my bounce for you
there ain´t a demn thing that I want do
I make your body clean
with my sexmachine
I won´t stop
until I hear your mother scream

Chorus: 3x

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